Sunday, December 17, 2006


My life has changed so drastically in the last month, that I cannot even begin tio comprehend much less describe the difference. I am a prisoner of sorts, captive but not for crime, but by disease and physical incapacities. I am an artist withoiut a physical studio, but somehow, somewherfe, the strength to create an inner studio has come to me. I had given up hope fo ever being able to do anything as even the use of a computer was in question, but the Gods must be in a generous mood. I am under nursing care, but my sister has made arrangements for materials, limited, a small sewing machine, and my computer to be availble to me. For this I am truly thankful. But first I must recitify some wrongs and again my sister is assiting me. I hope that I'll be able to do so. Taking part in online actiivities is great fun, but when you become a burden and inadvertentlky do a disservice to your felloiw paritiipants, it rankles and causes hurt unnecessarily. I am guilty, not by choice, but by circumstance, and I am trying to rectify that. I oiffer a small digital painting for viewing. I am working on a small piece of fiber. I had no fabric, but the nurses have given me yards of bandage gauze and I have painted and begun stitching some of it. I hope to make some Soul Bandages with the materials I've been given.

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Nicky said...

Wow! You are an inspiration! I applaud your determination to create no matter what the circumstances. Keep going! Your work is beautiful, the colours just sing.